Falling Up 

I tripped on my shoelace
And I fell up—
Up to the roof tops,
Up over the town,
Up past the tree tops,
Up over the mountains,
Up where the colors
Blend into the sounds.
But it got me so dizzy
When I looked around,
I got sick to my stomach
And I threw down.

— Shel Silverstein

I was always told that my head is in the clouds, and perhaps they are right. There is this strange sensation in life that we are falling, tumbling towards or away from something; It’s hard to tell which way is up, really.

As a child I used to play a game where I would walk around looking down into a mirror, and feel as though I were walking on the ceiling. I have spent a lot of time looking down from a bird’s eye view peering out of airplanes, figuring out a map in a new place, or designing a landscape plan. I see the curving horizon and realize the delicate and finite surface of this beautiful earth.

It is no coincidence that landscapes and plants, clay and creating art are my passion. These are the things that ground me to the earth and keep me from getting dizzy and from, well, throwing down…